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Tremendous joy of facilitating the Qurban ‘ibadah of thousands of believers.  


We have lived once again the tremendous joy of facilitating the Qurban ‘ibadah of thousands of believers.  

STAGE-1 (19.10.2013)


The preparations for the 8th MEC Foundation International Qurban Organisation had started months in advance.  The crucial step of slaughtering live stock during the Eid days has now been fulfilled.

The slaughtering process was managed by our team of 19 staff at two separate locations.  The abattoirs, whom have state-of-the-art facilities, also hold licences to export Halal meat to many regions of the world.  Alongside our team, representatives from the Ministry of Health and the local Halal certifying body were also present to monitor the process.


Starting with ‘Bismillah’ and accompanied by Takbirs, our staff called out the names of each qurban owner as their individual sacrifice was being slaughtered.

We now live the happiness and joy that comes with having fulfilled two important stages of the Qurban ‘ibadah on behalf of  thousands of believers with the sensitivity, respect and attention to detail it deserves..

Once chilled and properly rested, the qurban meat was separated into equal parts, individually packaged and shock-frozen.  The task of transporting the meat to the 100,000 or so needy families waiting in Indonesia has now begun.

STAGE-2 (09.12.2013)

As part of the 8th International Qurban Organistion, MEC Foundation Australia has begun its ‘first hand’ distribution of qurban meat on your behalf to the genuinely needy in Indonesia.


After being inspected and approved for slaughter by authorities, the sacrifice of livestock breed and raised according to Australian standards begun as of the first day of Eid, 10 Dhulhijjah 1435 / 15 October 2013.  The name of every single benefactor who entrusted our foundation with their Qurban was read alongside Takbirs and the process completed meticulously.

haber 9

Following the completion of all procedures and obtaining the required certification, the meat was shipped out from Melbourne on the 27th of October and reached Jakarta on the 8th of November 2013 .

After completing the necessary customs clearances, which we had begun working on 3 months prior, the refrigerated containers (-21°C) were taken to the first distribution point on the 17th of November 2013. Thus the first lot of qurban meat was distributed and smiles appeared on the faces of our fellow Indonesian brothers and sisters.


The distribution started on the 17th of  November in the city of Malang (East Java) and still continues as of December. So far we have distributed in Malang, Blitar (Java island) Lampung, Batubara and Medan (Sumatra island) respectively.  Coordinating from our cold storage facility in Yogyakarta, we are continuing distribution at Gunung Kidul, Bantul, Kulong Progo and Yogyakarta city.


In coordination with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Services and local authorities we had carefully established a list of all the needy families in the area and given special priority to those that are poorest and have the least opportunity to eat meat.

The families on the list were given coupons in advance and asked to collect their qurban meat from the distribution centre on the specified day.  On the day, after  producing identification and handing in the coupon, our fellow brother/sister was given their package and thus the qurban meat we were entrusted with was delivered to its ‘real owner’ first hand.

haber 7

Our principle ‘to serve creation for the sake of The Creator’ was no more evident than at one distribution centre, with respected founder of MEC Foundation Muharrem Nureddin Cosan on the ground, sleeves rolled up as he actively assisted in distributing the Qurbans.

nureddin cosan

We had guests from Turkey attend a part of the Qurban meat distribution also.  They said ‘taking part in the distribution first hand made us realise what a great opportunity the Qurban organisation is to nurture our relationship with our fellow Indonesian brothers.  We now better understand that much more needs to be done.’


The 8th Qurban meat distribution was also seen visitors from Turkey, which they attended part of the distribution.  Their comment was “this experience made us realise what a great opportunity the qurban organisation was to nurture and develop relationships with our Indonesian brothers and much more needs to be done”.


At the distribution centres the laughter and chatter of children and happiness of everybody present sent feelings of merriment through the air – it was as if Eid had come once again.. To see the beaming smile of an elderly grandfather, a mother or a young child whilst receiving their qurban meat is a feeling like no other.. Reaching this point was the culmination of sincere intention, months of effort and the generosity of the fellow Muslims who donated their share…

As MEC Foundation we;
Seek only the pleasure of The Creator (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).
On behalf of those friends ‘who choose the needs of their brother over their own self’,
we chose the livestock with great care,
and slaughtered  them with the consciousness of performing an ‘ibadah.
Having determined the ones in genuine need,
we delivered them first-hand with the sincerity, respect and attention to detail an ‘ibadah deserves..



We thank all the contributors for their generosity and kindness. We pray that their Qurban ‘ibadah is accepted and is a means for their salvation.

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