MEC Lifestyle Project is in initiative of MEC Foundation, formed in 2014 to continue the lifestyle of Prof. Dr. Mahmud Esa’d Coşan. About Us MEC Lifestyle is set to put Professor Cosan’s philosophy and value system and his principles of love, brotherhood, peace, cooperation, solidarity and sustenance of national and spiritual values that embrace the whole of humanity. 

In accordance with Professor Mahmud Es'ad Cosan's lifestyle, MEC Lifestyle aims to raise generations that are able to think critically and analytically, become protectors and supporters of truth and social justice and prepare themselves and their loved ones, to escape the darkness of this world, both in this world and in the hereafter. 


MEC Lifestyle Centre is a little different from the traditional places of worship and community centres. The centre has been methodologically designed to provide for the needs of modern day people. Firstly, it comprises a main place of workshop, allowing all those who enter its doors to feel a sense of deep connection with their Creator.

Partitioned dividers and separate bathroom facilities enable the centre to cater for both genders, as well as those with a disability, such as mobility issues or hearing difficulties. In accordance with the final messenger's advice that ‘every believer should obtain knowledge’, the centre also comprises an educational building, equipped with the latest audio visual equipment. Additionally, the centre has guest facilities, for special occasions.

The Centre has also not forgotten children, and boasts a unique and modern playground where children can learn teamwork and cooperation, but most importantly, can appreciate the ‘lifestyle’ we have at the centre.   Finally, with solar energy on buildings, environmentally friendly landscaping and a 15 thousand litre capacity over ground and a 20 thousand litre capacity underground rain water tanks, the centre is considered a true friend to the environment.


The building that was purchased almost 15 years earlier, by our inspirational leader, Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es’ad Cosan has been renewed. You can find out the geographical location of MEC Foundation’s latest project, MEC Lifestyle Centre, below: